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hisgirlfriday77's Journal

Katie Johnson
12 October 1977
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a diva.. and a bitch.
6 feet under, abbey lincoln, absinthe, amélie, anais nin, anne bancroft, anthropology, antiques, aretha franklin, art deco, art history, art nouveau, arts administration, autumn, bach, barnes and noble, barrington stage company, being onstage, big bands, billie holiday, bjork, blackberry jam, blossom dearie, bookstores, boston, boston pops, boston symphony orchestra, brad mehldau, brie, burlesque, cabaret shows, camp rotary, cartooning, ceiling tins, cocktails, cole porter, cool jazz, cosmopolitans, count basie, curaçao, danny elfman, david bowie, debussy, depeche mode, diners, dorothy parker, eddie izzard, edgar allan poe, edward scissorhands, ella fitzgerald, elo, family guy, fat girls, film scores, finnish, flea markets, frank sinatra, freshly waxed eyebrows, gershwin, glassblowing, gourmet cooking, grant lee phillips, harry connick jr, heart, ireland, jane austen, janeane garofalo, jazz, jed parish, jeff buckley, jennifer weiner, jerome kern, jessica williams, joao gilberto, john williams, johnny mercer, joni mitchell, keely smith, kirsty maccoll, leonard bernstein, lilies, london, mcla, mike viola, miles davis, morphine, mozart, musical theatre, musicals, neil finn, nick drake, nina simone, north adams, oneida native americans, paris, peggy lee, philip glass, punjab, rachmaninoff, radiohead, ravel, regional dialects, reisling, return to oz, rilke, rita hayworth, robert burns, roland kirk, rufus wainwright, saint-saens, sara ramirez, singers and standards channel, singing, sleeping beauty, spinach soup, squirrel nut zippers, stephen sondheim, summer camp movies, supertramp, swimming, t.t. the bear's, tanglewood, tap dancing, tea, tealuxe, the 1920s, the far side, the hollies, the porches inn, the professional, the third man, the witches of eastwick, theatre, they might be giants, third stream, this american life, thomas newman, tmbg, ute lemper, vaughn williams, victorian houses, vintage clothing, vocabulary, vocal jazz, vodka, wendy wasserstein, williamstown theatre festival, wit, woody allen